Locale Mobile Data Plugin 2.1

Source:SuttCo Enterprises, LLC

What's Included?
- A condition that monitors mobile data use
- A setting that turns mobile data on and off (3G)

What can you do with them?
- Use the setting by itself to turn mobile data off for certain conditions
- Use the condition by itself to trigger situations when your data use exceeds a certain threshold
- Pair them together and you can shut off mobile data when you approach your cell plan's limits


- Android 2.3 Users: Prior to Gingerbread, we were able to turn off the "data radio". This not only blocked data use but also saved battery. Android removed this ability (complain here: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=15031) in Android version 2.3. We now employ a new strategy for 2.3+ users... we change the name of the network your phone is looking for. This will continue to block data, but will not save you any battery!

- Your mobile data widget may not indicate that data is on/off. Don't worry! It's possible they aren't checking the same property as us... there are several ways to control mobile data.

- If you use another mobile data app to turn mobile data on/off, you may not be able to use this plugin. There are several ways to control mobile data and they may not be using the same method as we are.

Having trouble? Send us a problem report!
... Open the plugin
... Press the menu button
... Press "Problem Report"
... Describe your problem and send

Have a suggestion?
... Drop us a line at info@suttco.com

This is a plug-in, it requires "Locale" or "Tasker".

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